Topographic Maps

Terrestrial methods or photogrammetry, such as remote detection medthods like LIDAR, has been used in the production of  topographic maps that form the ground for many engineering studies. Among terrestrial methods, even though GPS supported studies are widely used, classical methods also keep their validity. Our company carries out its terrestrial studies with modern devices for differing precision and within the framework of needs determined by data expectations. Moreover, terrestrial methods form indispensible part of remote detection methods. As the GPS systems have become more common and with the integration of GPS (Global Positioning System) into photogrammetry, spectacular advantages have been provided on accuracy and speed. It has become possible to produce maps using satellite images and photogrammetric method on differing position accuracies. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can be used as a transferring platform in photogrammetry by our company. LIDAR method, which has recently gained reliability on a global scale, is also among our methods for topographic maps. All of the steps of LIDAR flight and data processing can be accomplished by our expert staff within our company in a leading position in Turkey.