Province: Eskişehir
County: Kırka
Subject Work: Kırka Bor Facility Directorate’s Mechanical Facility Relievo Creation Via Laser Scanning and Land Measurement Work
Administration: Eti Mining Facility General Directorate
Method: LİDAR and Photogrammetry
Year: 2014
Information about the project:
The project aims at identification of locations for omega, condense tank, condensestop, valve, etc. and creation of relievos at Kırka Bor Facility Directorate with the Laser Scanning Technique Birlik Harita Being the contracting company. It also includes field measurements and mechanical relieveo creation of the facility for the “Mechanical Infrastructure Facility Study of Kırka ”. As the current facility has a very comlicated structure, Laser Scanning (LIDAR) technique has been decided upon. Along with LIDAR’s successful detailed measurement of data sets, it also saves time and provides capacity to create existing maps, animations and various othe by-products such as animations. Aerial photogrammetry method via unmanned aerial vehicle (e-scope XR801 model) , GPS method and classical methods were also used in addition to LIDAR method in data collecetion. Using Point Cloud and Stereo Models, 3d drawings of mechanical installation, isometric drwaings, orthophoto of work area, existing maps, 3d factory model and animation videos were created.