About Us

Birlik Mapping, which closely follows the latest technology,
has always been one of the leading companies
by using the latest technologies in its studies.

Company Profile

BH is one of the leading companies in Land Surveying and Photogrammetry in Turkey with its headquarters in Ankara/TURKEY. The basic principle of our company is to work based on technology and customer satisfaction. Our company is the first and unique mapping company of our country which has Facility Security Clearance Certificate.

BH was founded in 1995 in Turkey. More than 29 years’ experience results in many national and international projects and made it possible to make the company a well-known focal point in geodetic work.

BH became a most welcome, reliable and competent partner to customers and other international companies.

BH is the first and unique company that employs an oblique digital aerial camera and that provides comprehensive oblique photogrammetric services (SAS-Software as a Service) in Turkey.

Quality Policy

In line with the vision of our company, our quality policy in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 standard;

  • To use developing and up-to-date technologies and to follow the developments in the sector closely, to continuously improve product quality and to realize a production that exceeds customer expectations,
  • Preventing inconveniences that may arise later by producing the most appropriate, most accurate and economical solutions in the fastest way,
  • To be a reliable company in an understanding that meets the needs and expectations of the customer at the highest level,
  • To be an exemplary organization that respects the society and the environment we live in by ensuring the continuity of our understanding of quality in order to reach our quality targets in line with our policy,
  • In line with our policy, to provide all the necessary training to achieve our goals with our employees, to provide a suitable working environment and to be a family by supporting this with technology,
  • To contribute to the national economy with the service quality we provide by increasing our experience and know-how,
  • To ensure customer satisfaction with employee satisfaction and service quality,
  • To ensure maximum communication and efficiency with a system approach in process and management,
  • To make continuous improvement sustainable on the basis of efficiency,
  • Fulfilling the applicable requirements and providing an effective decision-making mechanism by involving employees and suppliers,
  • To instill leadership in all of our employees through corporate management based on strategies

As management, we are committed to ensuring the continuity of the quality management system.

Management of Human Resources

Birlik Mapping has the principle to work with employees that own potential for self-improvement and the company ensures that all employees are loyal to the duty awareness and quality policy as individuals.
The company also encourages the application of work process assessment in order to increase employee contribution and their qualities.
Birlik Mapping has always been one step further with current software and technologies and always worked with the best experts in the field that can fulfill the success under all circumstances.


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