About Us

Birlik Mapping, which closely follows the latest technology,
has always been one of the leading companies
by using the latest technologies in its studies.

Our Mission & Vision

Birlik Mapping, which managed to pass beyond its age in all fields included in mapping, continues its works in integration with associations and companies in order to meet the requirements of INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe) during the Process of European Union for Turkey. It is necessary for municipalities, state institutions and private companies that develop projects to be successful in construction services that constitute infrastructure of these projects paying particular attention to legal and technical conditions regarding real estate. To meet these objectives, Birlik Mapping successfully provides services to municipalities, state institutions and private companies in the fields of its expertise. Birlik Mapping owes its reliability to its perfect knowledge of the lands where it has existed and references.

Quality Policy

Birlik Mapping works on mapping services that are inseparable part of urbanization with zero error rate without any intolerance to continuity. In this respect, the quality management system advances within the requirements of legal obligations. Furthermore, the company also follows scientific and technological advances in the sector. Birlik Mapping, which also includes its employees that contribute to the development process of the company, encourages them to participate in scientific/ technical trainings and meetings in their fields. Birlik Mapping seeks for the qualities that are compatible with its quality policy in contracting companies. Thus, the company proves the fact that it is founded on a strong base with reliable brand image once again. The company, which develops all its qualities and quality policy in accord with legal regulations for fast and accurate production, will continue its attempts so long as it exists.

Management of Human Resources

Birlik Mapping has the principle to work with employees that own potential for self-improvement and the company ensures that all employees are loyal to the duty awareness and quality policy as individuals. The company also encourages the application of work process assessment in order to increase employee contribution and their qualities. Birlik Mapping has always been one step further with current software and technologies and always worked with the best experts in the field that can fulfill the success under all circumstances. Birlik Mapping not only preserves its current total quality but also it will soon be placed on top with the team members that carry the company further.


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